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Burlap Bags

Burlap Bags

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  •  Sizes: 13x24", 20x30", 22x36", 24x40"
  • Jute burlap sack
  • Great for storing potato's.
  • 20 lbs, 50 lbs, 75 lbs

Discover our Jute Burlap Bags, specially crafted for versatile and efficient storage. These bags are available in a range of sizes, including 13x24", 20x30", 22x36", and 24x40", offering options suitable for various storage needs.

Our Jute Burlap Bags are the perfect choice for storing potatoes. Their sturdy construction ensures your potatoes stay fresh and protected. With options available in 20 lbs, 50 lbs, and 75 lbs capacities, you can select the size that best suits your quantity requirements for burlap potato bags.

Choose our Jute Burlap Bags for reliable and multipurpose storage solutions, whether it's for preserving your potatoes or adding some excitement to your next burlap sack race

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